Job Description

Job Title: Marketing Specialist 

Job Overview: Work as a marketing and PR specialist.

Responsibilities and Duties

Marketing /PR

  • ➢  PR for sightseeing spots, shops, restaurants, etc. (of clients) -this work may require travel

  • ➢  Manage the company’s various social media platforms, including Facebook page, Instagram, and TikTok

  • ➢  Conduct live streaming sessions on the company’s Facebook page with Kazue

  • ➢  Write blogs in English about Japan (covering travel, culture, products, etc.)

  • ➢  Edit videos for social media posts

  • ➢  Generate ideas for social media content from a foreigner’s perspective on Japan

  • ➢  Other miscellaneous duties as needed from time to time

    Continuous Learning and Skill Utilization

  • ●  Continuously acquire new digital marketing skills and apply them to the work (e.g., Watch “Ignite Visibility Channel” on YouTube). Share newly acquired knowledge with Kazue.

  • ●  Propose improvements and new ideas for the work 

  • Required skills (or skills you’ll learn on the job)

  • Copywriting, Blogging, Content writing, Sales writing, Proofreading, On-camera PR reporting, Video editing, Communication skills, Fast-paced learning, Cheerful personality

    About Travel & Work, Inc.

    Travel & Work Inc. specializes in PR services targeting foreign tourists in Japan through its Facebook page with 420,000 Japan enthusiasts. We promote tourist spots, services of travel agencies, and tourism companies for municipalities aiming to boost foreign visitor numbers. Additionally, we are planning to work on a new BtoC service for Japan-loving foreigners.